Legacy Awards

Deadline for nominations is Feb 9 at 5pm ET.

2022 Recipient – Kelly Treadway

Innovator Award

The Innovator Award recognizes the trailblazers and trendsetters of the hospitality and event industry! Please take the time to nominate someone you know or have worked with who is a true pioneer – someone who is constantly developing innovative ideas that have a lasting impact on the way we do business, or someone who has reinvented themselves or their business to stay current with ever-evolving industry trends, or the person who is always offering new services to their clients. We are looking for those who take the risk to step outside the box and who are helping to elevate the event industry to the next level.

Let’s give our industry’s most creative innovators the recognition they deserve! Nominate them today!

Hall of Fame

The Allie Awards Hall of Fame was created to honor individuals in our industry who go above and beyond before, during and after the events we produce. This recognition celebrates all of those individuals who represent the set-up crew, servers, behind the scenes production, and so much more.

Nominees for the Hall of Fame demonstrate dedication, hard work, ingenuity, and professionalism. We invite you to nominate someone on your team that you can always count on to manage their task exceptionally well and lead by example with a positive attitude. This recognition is for our unsung heroes who make each and every event a success for our clients and their guests. Think of your most tenured banquet captain, talented bartender, sous chef, delivery driver, linen steamer… tell us why they stand out as one of your most valued team members.

2021 Hall Of Fame Inductees

2022 Recipient – Holland Muscio, CBA

Dale Riggins Humanitarian Award

Shepard Convention Services introduced the Dale Riggins Humanitarian Award in 1994 as a tribute to, and in memory of, its valued employee, Dale Riggins, who made great contributions to the special event industry. This Prestigious honor is awarded each year to an individual who donates time, talent, effort and expertise to community services both within our industry and in our community. The recipients of the award are among the most honored luminaries in our industry.

Consider for a moment the individuals who truly “make a difference” to those in need and whose effects give the Atlanta special events industry its true impact and high profile. Please take time to nominate someone in our industry whom you feel is worthy of this honor. Nominees should be of high moral and ethical stature and exhibit outstanding professionalism in their service to the special events industry and the community at large. The winner will be selected by the Allie Awards Board of Directors and presented at the Allie Awards.

Tim Lundy, CSEP - Rising Star Award

At the 21st anniversary of the Allie Awards we remembered the entrepreneurial spirit of the team that created the Allies, in particular its founder, Tim Lundy, CSEP. The spirit and intent of this award is designed to honor, recognize,encourage and inspire a young event professional toward his/her greatest potential in the special events industry. Nominees shall:

  • Be within their first five years in the special events industry
  • Be actively involved in the Atlanta events industry and association community
  • Have exhibited innovation and leadership and made an impact on their company
  • Have clear potential to grow into more responsibility in their company, association organization and the community at large.

2022 Recipient – Tyler Perrone

2022 Recipient – Helen Taffet

Bob Blaesing, CSEP - Lifetime Achievement Award

A Lifetime Achievement Award was established in the first year of the Allie Awards to honor individuals in our industry who have made a mark in Atlanta’s events community over their career. Past recipients are event professionals for 20 years or more who are well known for their contributions to the special events industry.

The title “Lifetime Achievement Award” implies a long period of time, and while honoring longevity is good, the key word is “Achievement.”  We chose in 2004 to honor the late Bob Blaesing, CSEP, co-founder of Experience By Design, by renaming the award “The Bob Blaesing, CSEP, Lifetime Achievement Award.” Bob was a visionary whose philosophy exemplifies what we honor with the Lifetime Achievement Award: nurturing those around us through education; pursuit of ethical and professional behavior throughout the industry; and commitment to the growth of Special Events. May his spirit live in those who are honored with this award.

Nominees are put forward by the Allies Awards Night Board of Directors. Nominatees will be individuals who have made an impact in the Atlanta events community over the course of their career, through innovation, dedication and achievement. The winner will be selected by the Allie Awards Board of Directors and presented at the Allie Awards.

History of Past Recipients

2020Roy ArriagaJacqueline VizcainoSharon Hochdorf
2019Myrna AntarKristina CherryMichele Lend
2018Kelly SminkGillian MartoJeff Terry
2017---John ScrogginsSteve Bales
2016Dee Lane Eades, CPCETasha JacksonTeresa Day
2015Sharon HochdorfJulie Anne NeillDan Nolan III
2014Jeff TerryLevi BulkleyBarbara Roos
2013Denise RindsbergSheena KogerTony Conway, CSEP, CMP
2012Qualena Odom-Royes, CSEP, CMPSarah AckermanJ. Wilbur Smith
2011Dionne Battle, CSEPLeah Stephens EconomosWalt Nemeth, CPCE
2010Margie DietzMichael ShoerBrenda Maynard
2009Dan Nolan III---Dennis Smith
2008Brenda Maynard---Doc Waldrop
2007Matt Clouser---Gayle Skelton, CPCE
2006Greg Snow---Kendall Collier, CPCE
2005Dennis Smith---Terry Singleton, CSEP
2004Doc Waldrop---Shelley Pedersen, CPCE
2003Terry Singleton, CSEP------
2002------Bob Blessing, CSEP
2001J. Wilbur Smith---Tim Lundy, CSEP
2000Tina DeRenzis------
1999Bob Blessing, CSEP---Suzanne Stedman
1998Erik Magnusson---Ron Lazarus & Scott Ardolino
1997Robert Griggs------
1996Tony Conway, CSEP---Klaus Inkamp, CSEP
1995Tim Lundy, CSEP---Bob Hansel
1994Dale Riggens------
1993------Robert Griggs
1992------Mary Jordan
1991------Helen Roberts