2023 Categories


Founded in 1990, going strong for 33 years, the Allie Awards is an annual program, to recognize outstanding examples of quality and creativity from the members of the Atlanta event industry. It demonstrates how working together for a common good can promote excellence in event design, planning and production. This awards program remains a model for industry awards programs across the country.

This prestigious awards competition strives for the highest degree of excellence in event planning, design, cuisine, entertainment, weddings, technical production and enhancements, and in doing so, has raised the standards and quality of Atlanta’s event industry. Events of nearly every type and size will have the opportunity to be recognized in up to 38 categories, organized into seven disciplines plus three Best Team Effort awards.

One of the goals of the Allie Awards is to promote the professionalism of the industry. Your organization will be recognized for taking part in raising the level of professionalism in the industry while improving your community. To add value to those recognized and the event industry as a whole, the Allie Awards will send press releases to a variety of media explaining the awards, the competition and those given top honors. We strongly encourage your company to do the same! Allie Awards Inc. is a certified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation supported by a volunteer Board of Directors. Proceeds from this annual event will go toward scholarships established for Georgia hospitality students. Your organization will be recognized for taking part in raising the level of professionalism in the industry while improving the live events community.


Early Bird entries will be received until Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 5:00PM EST.

On-time Entries will be received until the Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 5:00PM EST.

Late Entries will be received until Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 5:00PM EST.

Absolutely no entries will be received after the final late entry deadline!


Best Corporate or Association Event

Best Social Event

Best Non-Profit/Fundraiser

Logistical Achievement in Planning

Best Conference/Convention/Multi-Day Event for a Private Entity (non-wedding)

Best Public Event

Best Event with a Social

Responsibility/Inclusivity Component


Best Intimate/Small Wedding (<50 guests)

Best Wedding (51-200 guests)

Best Wedding (>200 guests)

Best Wedding Print Suite

Best Wedding Decor Design

Best Wedding Cake/Dessert


Best On Premise Event Catering

Best Off Premise Event Catering

Best Culinary Menu/Presentation

Best Dessert Presentation (non-wedding)


Best Floral Design

Best Non-Floral Design

Best Themed Event Decor

Best Tabletop Design

Best Tent Installation

Best Rentals

Most Creative Venue

Best Event Venue


Best Entertainment under $10K

Best Entertainment over $10K


Best Print Piece (non-wedding)

Best Event Innovation

Best Event Photography

Best Event Videography

Best Event Enhancement and/or Activation


Best Audio/Visual Design

Best Lighting Design

Logistical Achievement in Technology and/or Technical Production


Corporate/Association Team Effort

Social Team Effort

Wedding Team Effort