About the Allies

Advancing the event industry through innovation, excellence, and support for emerging talent. 

In 1988, Tim Lundy, CSEP, ignited a spark with a daring vision: to catapult Atlanta into the spotlight as a leader in the national event and hospitality scene.

In the heart of Georgia’s bustling event scene, the Allie Awards emerged from the vision of a dedicated board member affiliated with both the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) and the International Live Events Association (ILEA) in Atlanta. 

With the goal of fostering unity and excellence within the local event industry, the concept quickly gained support, leading to the formation of an awards committee chaired by industry pioneer, Tim Lundy, alongside Judy Cook.

Chosen for its symbolism of unity, the name “Allies” reflects the collaborative spirit of Atlanta’s event companies striving together towards excellence in design, planning, and production. The first ceremony in 1991 marked the beginning of what would become a celebrated tradition, honoring the achievements of event professionals with an intimate gathering of 185 industry insiders during an Oscars broadcast.

Advancing Excellence Together

Our strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of innovation and excellence. These collaborations enable us to reach new heights, enhancing our ability to celebrate the achievements and progress within the event industry.

The Allie Awards Gala

30 Years: A Pillar of the Georgia Event Industry

Today, more three decades later, the Allie Awards have blossomed into a significant event, featuring over 30 categories that celebrate the industry’s evolution and talent. Beyond recognizing excellence, the Allie Awards have contributed to charitable causes within the Atlanta community, setting a precedent for similar awards across North America and inspiring the creation of the International ILEA Esprit Awards.

Atlanta takes immense pride in the Allie Awards’ enduring legacy and impact on the local and international event landscape.

We warmly invite you to be part of this ongoing story of excellence and community by attending, entering, sponsoring, or volunteering at the Allie Awards. Join us in celebrating the vibrant Georgia event industry and the remarkable individuals and companies that shape it.

2019 Allie Awards

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