Legacy Awards

Celebrate the enduring impact of industry leaders with the Legacy Awards, honoring lifetime achievements that shape our event landscape’s future.

Innovator Award — Celebrating Industry Pioneers

The Innovator Award celebrates those daring to redefine and elevate our field through innovation and adaptability. Nominate the visionaries who redefine excellence, introducing groundbreaking concepts and evolving with the trends to set new standards in hospitality and event design. Seeking the fearless innovators driving us forward.

Allie Hall of Fame — Honoring the Pillars of Excellence

The Allie Hall of Fame pays tribute to the stalwarts of the event industry, recognizing individuals whose contributions have laid the foundations for excellence. Celebrate all of the individuals from set-up crew, servers, behind the scenes production, and so much more. Honor the legacy of those who’ve set the benchmarks for success and whose dedication, skill, and passion have left an indelible mark on our field.

Dale Riggins Humanitarian Award — Celebrating Compassionate Leadership

The Dale Riggins Humanitarian Award honors the spirit of selflessness in the event industry, recognizing individuals who go beyond their roles to make a difference in the community. Celebrate those who blend their passion for the industry with a deep commitment to humanitarian efforts, uplifting others with their dedication and service.

Tim Lundy, CSEP Rising Star Award — Spotlighting Emerging Talent

The Rising Star Award shines a light on the newcomers redefining the event industry’s future. Acknowledge the ambitious trailblazers within their first five years in the industry, whose innovative approaches and fresh perspectives are setting new trends. Celebrate the next generation of leaders making a significant impact.

Bob Blaesing, CSEP Lifetime Achievement Award — Honoring a Legacy of Excellence

The Bob Blaesing, CSEP, Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates the luminaries who have dedicated their careers to elevating the event industry. Honor the exceptional individuals whose visionary leadership, relentless dedication, and significant contributions have shaped the industry’s landscape for decades.

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